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Our Plant Guarantee Policy
All of our hardy nursery stock is fully guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.. If our nursery stock does not survive that period, we will replace it with merchandise equal in value to the price you paid. While most of the nursery stock that we sell is hardy, some plants are recognized as not being reliably hardy without application of special protective measures. This material will be guaranteed for the current growing season only. The limited warranty applies to magnolias, rhododendrons, rose of sharon, roses and japanese maples. Plant and purchase invoice must be provided for credit.
Root Rescue Extended Guarantee Program
You can extend your basic one year guarantee to five years if you purchase sufficient quantities of Root Rescue with your plants. Current season guarantees cannot be extended with Root Rescue. The Root Rescue extended warranty program is limited to a $200 value. Root Rescue does not work on all plants. Plants for which Root Rescue is ineffective are listed as such on your invoice and will not be eligible for the extended warranty.
Our annuals, perennials and tropicals are covered by a current season guarantee and are not eligible for the Root Rescue extension.
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